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Filter media

Filter media

ENVIONEER provides high quality filter media that can be applicable to households and different industries in general. Our unique wet-laid processing method results in positively charged on microfiber's surface and pores to remove any harmful substances (viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, etc.) in water and thus provide safe water.

Filter support

A filter supporting media provides excellent solidity across all kinds of environments and stable formability during pleating due to the thermosetting of the binary polyester fiber. Applicable to the water treatment filters and the air filter industry in general.


Our independent filtration area design, assembling process, and internal inspections to enable the production of filters optimized to customer needs. ENVIONEER provides a wide range of filter products including the household water purifier and industrial water treatment filter, air filter, etc.

Medical and life
science materials

ENVIONEER provides raw materials for various kinds of nonwovens for the medical industry, along with the base materials for the sample pads and absorbent pads used in rapid diagnosis test kits.


In addition to produce various kinds of nonwovens applicable to different industries including the automobile, building, household appliances and energy, ENVIONEER offers selective features including lightweight, sound absorption, insulation, and others for different applications.