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  • Growth step

    • · 2021.11Acquired the ISO45001(Occupational health and safety management system) certification
    • · 2021.11Selected as an excellent quality management company in Chungcheongbuk-do
    • · 2021.06Selected as a green innovation company of ‘100 promising green new deal companies’ by the Ministry of Environment
    • · 2021.04Selected as a global hidden champion by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups
    • · 2021.04Certified as a company specialized in materials, components, and equipment by the Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology
    • · 2020.10Received the grand prize for technology given to small businesses in Chungcheongbuk-do
    • · 2020.07Selected as a rising KOSDAQ star by the Korea Exchange
    • · 2019.12Designated as an excellent corporate research institute by the Ministry of Science and ICT
    • · 2019.10Listed on the KOSDAQ
  • Commercialization

    • · 2017.11Designated as an excellent environmental industry by the Ministry of Environment
    • · 2017.03Registered in the U.S. FDA
    • · 2016.10Acquired hygiene licensing in China
    • · 2016.09Acquired the U.S. NSF certification
    • · 2014.12Designated as an excellent environmental company by Gyeonggi-do
    • · 2014.08Acquired ISO9001(quality management system) and ISO14001(environmental management system) certifications
    • · 2014.06Designated as a promising small business for export by Gyeonggi-do
    • · 2013.12Achieved one million dollar exports
    • · 2013.07Acquired green technology certification(95% medium glass fiber filter media development technology)
    • · 2012.11Registered a factory in 85, Hanbang expo-ro, Jecheon-si, Chungcheongbuk-do
    • · 2011.07Attracted investment(recapitalization)
  • Market entry

    • · 2008.04Received a prime minister award
    • · 2008.01Confirmed as a company specialized in materials and components
    • · 2007.08Acquired the New Excellent Product certification(positively charged filter for industrial water treatment)
  • Founding

    • · 2003.04Confirmed as a venture company
    • · 2002.04Established a company research center
    • · 2001.01Established ENVIONEER Co., Ltd.